The Etiquette A Best Man Should Follow In The Wedding Reception


When you’re thinking of best man speech etiquette, you need to understand all of it. Even though your speech will probably be informal and amusing, it doesn’t mean there is no need to go by some guidelines or etiquette. Often best man speeches tend to offend some guests attending the wedding and sometimes even would disappoint the bride or groom Which means you must be cautious about what you say and stick to some etiquette related to the best man speeches.

  • Here are a few assured tips for keeping up with the appropriate best man speech etiquette
  • Keep away from everything that might possibly humiliate the newlyweds.
  • Keep from making any comment that might embarrass the bride by any means.
  • Emphasize on the pleasant occasions of the couple’s lives.
  • Steer clear of insider pranks since the greater part of the audience is not going to comprehend them.
  • Combine honesty along with humor all the way through your speech to get the best outcome.

Etquette Well, these are mostly etiquette that are related to best man speeches but as a best man the best man speech isn’t your only responsibility – there are a lot of other things that you also need to take care of.. You must dress appropriately, help the best man whenever needed, be sober, and be watchful not to upset the bride or anybody for that matter.

However, for this article we would focus on the etiquette a best man has to follow while he is in the wedding reception venue before and while making his speech. Remember that while you will give your speech, all eyes will be on you. You should always be dressed up properly and sport a clean-shave face (if you prefer beard … make sure it is trimmed properly). When you look bright, you’ll surely make a far greater impact on your audience. Moreover, you are going to feel a lot more self-confident, making it possible to sound even more self-assured and deliver an awesome speech.

A drunk man cannot be the “Best”. The most awful thing you could possibly do is get intoxicated before you’ve given your speech. If you’re slurped at the time you are trying to deliver your speech, you are not only risking your reputation but also offending a lot of people. {Guests in attendance may be offended by your slur, plus you have less control over what you say|When you’re not in yourself it’s almost impossible to have control over what you intend to speak}. It’s very easy to end up saying something that you never intended to say like some insider secrets that will offend the bride unnecessarily.

Never be mean to the bride by any means. It’s common sense, there’s no need to check any list of etiquette to understand this. It’s her day and not upsetting her ought to be your greatest priority while giving your speech. It’s always good manners to stay away from making any rude comments on other girls (the maid of honor and the rest of the bridesmaids) as well. Here’s a tip to remember – do not ever discuss the bachelor’s party or mention the ex-girlfriends of the groom. Please don’t talk about unpleasant reminiscences since that will not only embarrass and upset the bride but also dampen the spirit of the celebration.

While you’re in the reception do not be rude to the guests attending the reception in your speech or otherwise.

Like the bride, you should also not do or say in your speech that might offend the guests in any way. Also keep in mind that best man speeches must not include racial or religious remarks or opinions – simply avoid those, they are totally unnecessary. This might result in some stress in between you and your audience, and if such a thing takes place, they are not going to be appreciating you any longer. In order to be on the safe side, have the groom (and/or the bride) go through your speech in advance. If you think something might offend or embarrass the couple or a guest it probably will – just get rid of such comments from your speech. Remember here will be children and elderly people among the guests – you need to create your speech accordingly.

Be cheerful, courteous and helpful to everybody in the reception. Always be supportive to the bridal party including the maid of honor and others who would also make their speeches. A best man’s main duty would be help the groom at every step and whenever required but a nice gesture on your part would be not to wait for the groom to ask for help but to anticipate his requirements and offer help even before he asks.

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