A Brother’s Best Man Speech Meant For His Brother – Younger or Older


Brothers at Wedding Being the brother of the groom, older or younger, chances are you would be asked to play the role of the best man on his wedding day, unless he chooses one of his friends for the honor. Since you have grown up together and if you happen to be quite close friendly to each other, you might know your brother more than anybody else. And that’s exactly why you would want to make an awesome “for a brother by a brother” best man speech.

No matter if you are the older or younger of the two, you speech would be pretty much the same in either cases. However, you would want to make slight adjustments while cracking jokers or sharing humors. Again if the age difference is more than 4 – 5 years you might want to review the jokes or pranks you are planning to include ion your speech just to make sure they are appropriate. But having said that, everything depends on the relationship you share with your brother.

Often brothers tend to drift from each other a bit (or a long way) when they are grown up. But if you are amongst the ones who didn’t and still very much close to each other like you used to be in your childhood days, you two must have enjoyed a lot of fun together when you were in high school and later in the college. Consider this as a huge advantage as you have so many topics to speak about, so many funny stories to share.

Being siblings you obviously have had the chance to know him since your childhood days – probably more than his best friend does and that’s an advantage. Yes, may be for the last few years he is spending more times with his friends and you might not know his latest inclinations but that shouldn’t bother you much as you already have more than enough topics to speak hours on your brother. So, while writing the speech remember all the wonderful moments that you used to enjoy together as kids and then as young adults. But always remember that you are going to have only a few minutes to speak and thus you need to be rather selective. Choose to share only the stories that are interesting, highlight some positive traits of your brother and are appropriate for the occasion. It’s nothing less than an art to pick the right anecdotes and use them wisely at appropriate junctures of your speech.

A good wedding speech should be personal but to an extent only. Being a part of the family, you should never feel uncomfortable sharing personal emotions or reminiscences of those wonderful times you had the opportunity spent with each other. Being a family member of the groom chances are that you have got the chance to know the bride fairly well and for a reasonable period of time, since she has in all likelihood been already introduced to the family just a couple of months after they got in to the relationship. For this reason, you may as well have learned more information on her not merely as the fiancée of your brother, but also as a separate individual. For more insights on this particular topic, you could check a few sample speeches by the brother of the groom, cousin and others.

Anytime during your speech take the chance to make a trip down the memory lane and share with the audience your take on the relationship the two of you  have shared till now. You might want to  reveal how happy he seemed after he had entered in to this special relationship with the bride. You may even amusingly reveal how you  initially got upset over the fact that suddenly he wasn’t spending as much time with you as he used to spend before he found his love. Also mention how proud and happy you were once you realized that he has found his love in Jessica, a woman of substance and integrity. Go on and explain why you don’t believe there could be any other woman better than her your brother could ever get to marry.

A wedding speech is not complete without a few anecdotes. The advantage of being a sibling of the groom, as already mentioned, is there wouldn’t be any shortage of funny stories related to your brother. However, due to the limited time factor you are advised only to choose the most appropriates to share with the audience.

If you are the older brother and married you would also want to give some marriage related advice. Not a lot but just a few of them. You could speak from personal experience as well as quote from some famous persons and celebrities.

Conclude your speech by congratulating the newly married couple and wishing them from the bottom of your heart for a wonderful future ahead. Ideally you would want to end your speech by proposing a toast to the bride and groom, which is classy and a part of the tradition too.

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