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Being the best man at a wedding is an honor, privilege, and most important a responsibility. The best man is there not just to make sure that the bachelor party is legendary but to the groom to help make sure all aspects of this celebration go as smoothly and pleasantly as possible. Each groom will be different as far as what he takes on personally as far as details of the tuxedo fittings, rehearsals, guest arrangements and the other details giving the groom as much or as little responsibility as he needs in order to make this special occasion go just right. The one thing that the best man must do without the help of the groom and is probably the most important role that the best man carries out is that of giving the best man speech at the dinner toast. Probably the trickiest and most important aspect of that speech is content, timing and delivery of the humor in the speech.

About Using Jokes and One-Liners in Best Man Speeches

Best Man's Jokes and One-LinersThe jokes and one-liners are essential to giving a good speech but it works only when those are sensible, appropriate and really witty. However there have been some speeches that fell flat in this department. So here are a few things to remember when using humor in best man speeches. In order to make the toast as engaging and fun as possible without taking away from the message of commitment and love or worse without awkward gaping silence staring back at the best man when the jokes fail to entertain or amuse an audience.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure the material is appropriate for the speech. While it might be a hilarious story talking about the time all three of you were stoned out of your mind and chased the cat around and then all somehow woke up in bed naked the next morning. It’s probably not the kind of humorous anecdote from the past that will go over well with all of the audience including the bride and groom. And yes while zingers are essential to any good roasting again there are lines to be drawn.

While the best man is probably someone who’s known the couple a long time and should be aware of what the bride and groom might be sensitive about a little common sense can go a long way. If the bride has struggled with weight and finally got down to the size she wanted for her wedding dress making jokes about how fat she used to be will probably sting just a bit even if she jokes about it herself it’s still not a good idea to say something that potentially mean.

Also if the relationship hasn’t gone as smoothly as possible making light of any serious issues that nearly ended the relationship should be avoided as well. One shouldn’t joke about how the groom got to second base with the bride’s sister or how the bride’s controlling mother almost ruined the relationship from the very beginning. When it doubt it’s best to leave it out. There should be plenty of humor in the relationship that will get some big laughs without evoking any negative emotions from the bride, groom or any of the guests.

What should be included in a best man speech is to start with a couple of brief one-liners as a warm up followed by a humorous story that captivates and engages the audience. The story shouldn’t drag on forever and should make the audience laugh frequently while telling it. Also quotes from either the bride or groom are often hilarious in retrospect and the best man should try and remember some quotes that humorously have defined their relationship over the time they’ve been together. Most importantly the best man should pick a story that at the end can be transitioned well into a heartfelt statement about the couple’s love, desire and commitment towards one another. What the best man needs to remember is that while humor is essential to the speech its main function is to help point toward the joy and wonderful reasons the two are getting married and how their union is very special and how happy they will be together.

Humor can be tricky for some while it comes easy for others. All in all giving a best man speech shouldn’t be difficult if some time, thought and care goes into the speech. Even if the speech does go poorly for the best man he can take solace in the fact that he won’t be around to screw up the honeymoon.

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