The Importance of Creating a Best Man Speech Outline


Writing a Speech Conceptualizing the speech prior to you actually begin writing the best man speech is not only a god idea but something you should do in order to make sure that your speech is complete in every respect. The best man speech outline happens to be the synopsis of the eventual speech which is conceived even before the speech is written. Normally a best man would try to write his speech at one shot and then keep it editing endlessly. Quite obviously that isn’t the right way to write a speech as it could be real confusing and would take a lot more time. By the way, I hope you aren’t looking for a best man speech outline because you intend to make the speech off-the-cuff right at the wedding reception. Let me warn you that’s it’s not a good .. actually a dangerous idea – but then again, if started late and don’t really have time to write a speech, still this article should help you to put together a speech.

Whilst it can be challenging to compose a wedding speech, it’s important that you figure out what you would say before you’re asked to make your speech. As you face your audience you need to stay calm and express your feelings, making sure you’re enjoying the moment to the fullest. If you’re skeptical, let me say, it’s very much possible if you do the right things at the right time. Here are some suggestions based on which you can create an outline of your speech and then your final speech eventually.

Well, it is going to be fairly easy to write a best man speech outline when you split it in three (or more) parts such as the introduction, the middle and the ending section of the speech.

The Introduction

Before you start your speech, you need to introduce yourself to the audience. Odds are not everybody inside the reception hall would know you personally, so the good etiquette would be to say a few words about yourself first. Introduce yourself and express that you’re the best man and the relationship you share with groom – you could be a friend, a brother, a cousin, a colleague or an acquaintance. Once you’ve introduced yourself, you may think and mention a nice one-liner to grab the attention of your audience. Do not forget that it’s a wedding and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have some fun with it.

As soon as the guests get to know some details about you and you’ve already managed to somewhat engage them in your speech, thank the couple and the bride’s family for hosting such a wonderful ceremony.

The Middle Part

The middle part of the speech is in fact the core section of every best man speech and is almost certainly the most significant one also. This is when you may consider making use of the cues you have outlined while you were preparing for your speech. This could be the ideal time to share with the audience some amusing facts or a couple of funny stories about the groom and eve the bride. The story could be regarding a hilarious moment that you happened to share with the groom or may be an account of how the couple met and have grown during the period of their relationship. In order to keep your speech tight make sure not to stretch the story too long because that could kill the fun in it. Also while sharing such witty stories with the audience, remember that it consists of elderly guests as well as children – whatever you say must me appropriate and in accordance with the spirit of the occasion.

Often the best man knows and understands the groom better than the bride but it is always advisable to try and strike proper balance in the speech. This might not be that easy but if you plan your speech well and devote some time prepare for it, you will do fine. Talk to the groom in order to know about the bride more and if possible see if you could talk and get friendly to her prior to the wedding. When you know the couple better, you have a lot more interesting things to talk about them. And if you happen to know both of them for a long time you’re definitely in an advantageous position – make sure to make full use of that.

The Final Part of the Speech

The final piece of the best man speech outline would be where you would need to wind it up. It’s important not to allow the speech to be lengthy. Well, it’s often difficult to ascertain how long is too long but as a rule of thumb don’t let your speech go beyond 10 minutes. In fact, as you draft the outline cut out the crap and only include stories, memories or references that are relevant and interesting – and remember, a couple of them should suffice. While creating the blueprint for your speech don’t forget to keep room for the toast – proposing a toast at the end of your speech is the traditional and, you might agree, the best way to end a wedding speech.

It could be very easy to end up exaggerating while writing your speech and that’s exactly why it is so vital to draft a speech outline first. An outline like this would not only help you get started easily but also make sure that you’re on the right track from the word go.

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