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Being named as the best man in a wedding is a great honor, but it also poses an equally daunting challenge – the best man’s speech. With all eyes on you, it’s your job as the best man to give your respects to the new couple without sounding repetitive or putting the other wedding guests to sleep. All sources say that a best man should be light and happy for the new bride and groom, yet that still does not explain what to say. “Speaking from the heart” is always the way to go, but sometimes even the greatest best man needs a push in the right direction.

Example of A Sample Speech

Sample Best Man Speeches – Points to keep in mind

Sample Speeches for Best ManSample best man speeches are available all across the Internet, starting with a simple Google search. If i am not mistaken you most probably found this page or this site by precisely doing that. The Internet has dozens of resources to help make your speech exactly what you want it to be without sounding corny, boring, or just generally embarrassing. These online best man speech samples can serve as the creative spark – that little bit of inspiration that you needed to get your own speech off the ground – and with the hundreds of examples floating across cyberspace, there should be no reason you can’t find at least a sentence or two to help your cause.

When looking for speech samples, try to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Even if you are reading or use sample speeches, make sure your best man speech is personal. There was a reason you were chosen to be the man of honor at the wedding, and it can be assumed that you know the bride and groom fairly well. Feel free to follow the format in other best man speeches (perhaps talking about how you met the groom or how happy his new wife makes him, etc.), but don’t be too generic! Every now and then, throw in a line or two that shows you really did put even a little bit of heart into your speech. The wedding couple will more than appreciate it, and it will keep your speech from sounding one-dimensional and unexciting.

2. Don’t copy an online speech sample word-for-word. While this may alleviate a few hours of work for you, the odds are good that these “pre-written” speeches will not be memorable or will not relate to the bride and groom in a personal way. This is their special day, after all, and you’ve been hand-selected to be a key part of it! Even if you don’t feel confident in your speech-writing abilities, try taking one or two sentences from an Internet speech. That way, you’ll have some materials you can feel confident in, but you also will be able to put a personal touch or two in your speech.

3. Remember that all best man speech samples may not be well-written! Just because a speech made its way onto the Internet does not mean that it should have! When searching for speech samples, make sure you look at many different options while you are writing your own words of congratulations. You are going to find a mixture of speeches you love and speeches you despise; the more you read, the more inspiration you’ll have when it comes to writing your own speech. Searching through a dozen links may take more time than clicking the first option and stopping there, but your quality will skyrocket!

By the way (sorry for the distraction), if you are looking for some good sample speeches, let me save your precious time – you may get a nice collection of samples and templates here. These are being used by thousands of best men for almost five years now. At the end of this article I have embedded one such sample from the numerous collection.

At the end of the day, being the best man in a friend or family member’s wedding is an honor and should be remembered for many years to come! At the very least, the bride and groom will certainly remember you down the road as they flip through their wedding album, and, if you’re lucky, they’ll remember that brilliant speech you gave at their reception. Even struggling writers can put together a thoughtful, congratulatory speech with a little help from the Internet. There are many great examples to spark ideas for your speech, and if you throw in a little heart, you’re well on your way to being a hit. The challenge of writing and giving a best man speech can be a large one and can be terrifying for some, but sample best man speeches online can easily give you the material you need for a confident, happy evening!

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