Best Man Toasts And Why They Could Make The Difference


ToastingTraditionally a wedding speaker would formally propose a toast to the couple at the end of his speech while others join him or her raising their glasses. However, people would often refer entire the wedding speech along with the toast as wedding toasts. Technically speaking, a best man toast is just a part of the best man speech and not the complete speech. But having said that, I am not sure if you would want information specifically on best man toasts or the best man speeches, one of which you would need to give at the wedding reception party. So, in this article, although I would cover both the topics, I will emphasize a bit more on toasting part. For more detailed tips and hints for your entire speech please check the articles and posts published on this site.

It is advised you need to choose from the word go if you want to give a full length speech first and complete it by proposing a toast to the bride and groom or simply restrict to just the toasting. Maybe you should discuss with the groom to determine if he has any preference. In case you are not very comfortable making a speech in public you could be quite happy settling for just the toast but that would almost certainly disappoint quite a few guests, if not all. Everybody, including the wedding couple, would obviously expect a full-fledged speech from the best man, not merely a toast. So, while you plan for your speech make sure you also learn how to toast the couple and prepare for it as well. In other words, be sure to get ready for your toast much the same way you would prepare for the initial speech.

Just the Toast …

When you are ready for the toast, request everybody’s attention either by gently clinking the glass or simply by using your microphone, if you have one in hand. Wait until you have the desired silence and then raise your glass (expect everybody to join you) and lead the guests in taking a sip. Here it’s worth mentioning that the bride and groom would remain seated (and keep smiling gracefully) and may not drink while they’re being toasted.

Toasting the couple isn’t complicated at all as long as you keep it short, simple and sweet. Even the longest and the most beautiful shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. I would just make it as simple and as sincere and heartfelt as I could. Here’s an example – “Sarah and David, may your love and respect for one another grows with time and be even more intense and profound as it is at this time. I can’t express how happy I am for you. You guys are the best. I congratulate you and wish you all the happiness in the world. Cheers!” So, that’s all I guess I would prefer for a best man toast.

Finally, don’t ever make the mistake to wing it. No matter if you would prefer your toast to be like the one above or a bit longer and fancier, make sure you are well-prepared for it. Remember, like everything else in life, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. No exception.

While planning for your toast (speech that is), double check if the topics you decide to talk about are ideal for everybody in the audience. Typically best man speeches are meant to be humorous, but there happens to be a thin line of difference between being funny and being impolite. Keep in mind that it’s the couple’s biggest day and not only that – they both have their family and all of their friends present in the room. So avoid bringing up topics that are way to personal (maybe you should keep them aside for the bachelor party) or embarrassing for the either of the couple.

While it is perfectly okay to include jokes in your speech, in fact I would encourage you to do so as they can give your speech the touch of humor it badly requires, you should know that not all jokes are appropriate for every person at every functions. Yes, there would be stories and memories that are about the groom and are hilarious and very hard to leave them out of your speech. But sometimes you need to do that because you don’t want to make him look awful in front of the guests, especially those who don’t happen to know him personally. So, how to avoid this pitfall? How do you know if the jokes and stories you are about to include in your speech would go down well with the groom? Talk to him and let him know about it beforehand – it’s as simple as that.

Traditionally the toasting comes right after the best man has given his speech speaking about everything else he has to say about the groom, the bride, their relationship and their wedding. You need to plan the concluding words of your speech in a way so that they make way for the toasting flowingly. A few sincere and inspiring words of advice or complement work almost every time in this regard.

All’s well that ends well – you would hardly ever find a fitting example than this (a bit cliché) saying. So, do whatever you can to make your best man toast flawless – it’s as important as anything if you want to make a good impression a best man.

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