Closing Lines and Toasts For Best Man Speeches


Closing Speech The closing lines of all best man speeches are pretty much similar and so, you needn’t worry too much about it. Sometimes they are sort of ‘blink and you miss’. The fact is you could try and make the final lines of your speech meaningful and help it become the most appreciated part of your speech. It helps if you are expecting to make an impression with your speech because all’s well that ends well.

Having said that, I am not the kind of person who would encourage you to stretch your speech long just by including a couple of lines more towards the end of the speech. What I am trying to say is the concluding part of your speech should be able to express and summarize the main objective of the speech in the most desired way and which would be to give some advices to the couple on married life (only if you happen to be married yourself), congratulate them sincerely, wish them all the happiness and prosperity in life and last but not the least, wrap up your speech in style by proposing a charming wedding toast to honor the bride, groom and celebrate their wedding. So, even it takes a moment or two longer than usual to finish off your speech you should be willing to take that time – and it’s worth it.

Let’s compare the following couple of closings

Here’s to Clara and Brad and the happiness of married life. Congratulations to you both. Cheers.

My sincere wishes for Ken and Kate – keep the fire burning and continue seeing things in each other that nobody else can see.

To end this, I need everybody to stand up and raise your glasses to the newlyweds. This is a toast of happiness and love for the bride and groom. May you always support each other, stand together, and most importantly, love each other and be good to one another. Here’s to a good family life together!

The first example above should suffice most best man speeches and is perfect if you are not very comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people. However, if you want to end your speech in a more elegant way you might want to look at the second example.

At the end of the day, let’s not deny it, it’s not going to matter too much if your ending lines are short or long as long as they are heartfelt and appropriate and blend well with the overall speech.

The best way to write good ending lines for your speech as well as the toast you would need to make is to study some sample ending lines and/or toasts. At the bottom of the article I have recommended a collection of closing lines and toasts for best man speeches (available along with additional complete speech samples and templates) – I am sure you’re going to find it helpful.

Once you’ve got some ideas write down not just one but a number of endings – three or four should be enough. Read them repeatedly to zero in on to the one that seems to be most fitting. Let’s be candid! In case you have very little time left for writing or preparation for the speech it’s perfectly okay to use any ending line or toast you come across and liked very much. Just remember to change the name of the bride and groom … lol.

As promised, here’s the collection of best man speech openings and closing as well as samples and templates and several other materials that’ll help you create a great wedding for you.

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