Dressing Styles For Men At Weddings


dressformen In a wedding the wedding couple, not surprisingly, draws all the attractions, especially the bride. Having said that, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are also going to play a huge role, not only in the functioning but also in the appearance of your wedding. As the bride or groom you obviously would love to see them in attires that would go along well with the wedding couple’s dressing styles. And not to mention it should along the line of the overall wedding theme at the same time.

It’s not very hard to get the men matched up for the wedding reception party. The groomsmen should dress almost similar to the groom. If it’s an evening wedding then the groom would probably be wearing a tuxedo. Likewise the groomsmen should also wear tuxedos. However, in order to make the groom stand out of the crowd, they could chose wearing a slightly different shade. For example, if the groom prefers dark grey as his attire, the groomsmen could go for a lighter variant. If the wedding is a traditional one, the groom wears a black tuxedo – it might be old fashioned but you can’t go wrong with it especially when you’re having a traditional wedding. The advantage of choosing gray is there are ‘fifty shades of grey’ to choose from. The other color combination comes to mind, though a bit contrasting, is brown and beige. However, some couples might think that it’s not necessary for the groom to dress differently and it’s just fine. After all it’s not hard to identify the groom – it’s the guy standing next to the bride at the end of the alter exchanging vows with his wife-to-be. Well, as far as I am concerned, I would prefer the groom to stand out, and really believe his attire needs to be a darker or lighter shade than that of groomsmen. A nice boutonnière should also suffice.

While donning a tuxedo it’s essential to choose the perfect shirt to make certain the whole attire has that desired look.

When it comes to shirt styles, the wingtip shirts are probably the most exquisite and sophisticated of the different shirt styles to match the tuxedos. This wingtip shirt features a well-defined collar that stands upright. The front end of the collars have their ends neatly curved up to give it an appearance that resembles a wing. The traditional bow tie is ideal for this particular style with the ‘tip wings’ helping the visual appeal of the tie. The wingtip shirt is easily the most elegant and formal among all the wedding shirt styles that are meant to be donned with tuxedos.

Vests or jackets happen to be yet another aspect of the tuxedo with which grooms could play with a bit. Choose a jacket that might be a different shade from what the groomsmen would don. Should you prefer a dark tie and matching vest, you might want the groomsmen to wear a shade that somewhat complements the bridesmaids’ dresses. Well, the options are limitless and it’s really difficult to go completely wrong with men’s wedding attires as long as you aren’t planning something weird like this (read the comments below that post).

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