Advice For Your Father of The Groom Speech


Father and Groom When you’re thinking of wedding speeches, the father of the groom speech is one that you don’t get to listen to at every wedding you attend. Everybody at the wedding reception party mostly expect to listen to the likes of father of the bride and the best man or even the groom. But having said that a father of the groom speech can also be equally significant and intriguing. In fact a father of the groom speech is virtually a best man speech from the groom’s father’s viewpoint. If you happen to be the groom’s dad, It’s an opportunity for you to extend a very heartfelt welcome to the bride letting her know how pleased you all are to have her as one of the members of your family. It’s also a chance to share a few words of advice to your son regarding married life. If done correctly, a weeding speech from the groom’s father could be quite touching and at the same time amusing. Now the question is, exactly how could you come up with the most appropriate father of the groom speech?

Honestly no matter what kind of speech you are giving, the key point you need to make sure is it must be both sincere and at the same time should reflect your sense of humor. Having the correct blend of sentiment and humor might be a bit difficult to deal with especially as the majority of men don’t enjoy being too sentimental. Thankfully the father of the groom isn’t likely to be as emotional as his counterpart, the bride’s father, so at the time of creating the father of the groom speech for yourself there is no need to become overly personal.

First of all you it is always a good idea to open your wedding speech by greeting the guests and welcoming the bride in to the family. You may also congratulate them for finding one another. Also give genuine compliment to the bride and express how happy you all are to have her as the newest member of the family. This will obviously go down very well with everybody in the bride’s family and moreover it’s going to make the bride feel really special.

After that, coming to the main body of your speech, you might want to share a couple of really interesting memories that are related to your son, the groom that is. It could be a slightly embarrassing and yet funny story when he used to be a youngster. Not just because you happen to be the father of the groom, as a rule, you must not bring up topics that are too personal and could make the couple feel awkward. For example, mentioning any ex-girlfriends or your son’s past love lives in your speech is really a bad idea as that may not only mess up your speech but also destroy the entire day. I think you just can’t go wrong if you limit yourself to sharing stories and memories from your son’s childhood days. There would be hardly anybody who wouldn’t enjoy listening to such stories. However, you could also mention how excited the groom is for his wedding and mention one or two recent funny incidents that happened during the days just before the wedding.

Coming up next in your father of the groom speech, making it even more meaningful, would be the part where you give your son some advice about married life. Here you need to keep in mind that such advice ought to be given towards the end of the speech and must not be more than a few couple of them. Apart from giving the obvious you could also consider a couple that are a bit humorous – you’ll find several good quotations on married life online, to give you some ideas. It will definitely give you an opportunity to give your speech the much needed touch of humor and guarantee a graceful ending.

On the whole you would like your father of the groom speech to become humorous and meaningful at the same time. Looking back at your speech, here’s what you should be doing in short – Begin the speech by welcoming the guests and complimenting the bride. After that bring up some interesting childhood memories of your son that are funny but not too embarrassing. Add some more humor by sharing some funny moments that are a part of the hustle and bustle that are so common to every wedding. Moving forward with your speech, you may now make it really heartfelt by telling your son how proud and happy you and your entire family happen to be for him. Before you finally end your speech by means of proposing a toast to the bride and the groom, as mentioned earlier in this article, leave a few words of advice for your son regarding married life. Well, this can really be the most effective format or structure for a father of the groom speech and, if delivered properly, you are surely going to get a huge applause once you’re done with it.

If your goal is to put together a moving, unforgettable yet humorous and appropriate speech on your son’s wedding reception that would make him emotional, and his wife happy and leave the rest of the guests applauding, you need to work for it. Remember, nothing else but taking action, getting your speech written well ahead of time and practicing it several times would guarantee success.

So, if you are ready, you could get started right away with your speech. Did I mention that it really helps when you begin early? It allows you that extra bit of time to practice your speech and make a big difference.

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