Funny Best Man Speeches – The Best Approach


Funny Speech by Best ManWedding fashions change, but nonetheless the ceremonies are all about tradition. Most couples, if having a true ceremony, also have a reception of some variety, a party to celebrate the union. A tradition at wedding receptions is the giving of the wedding speeches. The best man speech is one of the most anticipated wedding speech and everybody expects it to be entertaining. No wonder every best man wants his speech to be funny. Not everyone is born or trained to speak publicly, and the expectation of humor can be daunting to many best men. Some respond with poor choices and their jokes fall flat, and some forget that the bride and groom are really supposed to be the center of attention. If you have been asked to serve as a best man, you will need to prepare your speech with both humor and humility. A lot of best men think that for funny best man speeches all they need to do is include some jokes and catchy one-liners in their speeches. Well, it’s okay to use jokes in the speech but that doesn’t necessarily make the speech humorous – there a lot of other factors that you need to contemplate.

You should begin your speech by welcoming the guests and thanking them for attending. This is both polite and to your advantage, because it will get the guests on your side. They will be rooting for you and will be more receptive to your humor.

Going for laughs is relatively easy at a wedding because almost everyone is in a good mood. Still, it’s best to go for the widest audience, so use references that appeal to most people. Obviously, the subject of greatest appeal is the intimate personal relationship that the couple share between them. Weddings and, more to the point, honeymoons, actually are largely about it, and the subject lurks in the background at even the most methodist of weddings. Clearly, though, it’s best to deal with this subject with considerable tact and good taste, commensurate with the level of sophistication of the wedding crowd. Even if you have accompanied the groom to numerous romantic outings with girls, it might be wise to find out if he or the bride has Baptist ministers for beloved uncles who are in attendance. Will Aunt Lily laugh at the reference or will she shriek and pass out? Your speech is intended to entertain, not to cause hard feelings in the families. Still, most people expect some sort of racy reference in the best man’s speech, so use good judgment and fire away with some well-considered scatological nonsense.

You probably have shared a lot of other adventures with the groom as well or you would not have been chosen to stand with him. Broadly referencing a couple of these events if they were humorous or had humorous consequences will draw some laughs from insiders, and a few of these inside jokes are expected. If nothing humorous has ever happened to the groom, you may have to stretch a point. A phrase like “and that’s when Norbert had to learn to drive a stick with a cast on his leg” or “and that’s when Jason found out it takes two hands to work a zipper” should draw some guffaws. However, it’s probably best not to pull generic jokes out a book or off the internet and try to pass them off as your buddy’s life. If he is always serious, kid him about that.

Make certain that any reference to the bride portrays her in attractive terms. You can say that she knows how to make the groom feel good, but do not imply that she made the Ninth Fleet feel good. This is her day, remember, so refer to her and her gown as lovely, whether you believe so or not. On the other hand, poking fun at her poor judgment in husbands is well within the boundaries of acceptable topics, and is probably even encouraged. A little light teasing gives her an opportunity to show what a good sport she is, but don’t go too far. Emphasize the compliments. After all, the groom is your target.

Men seldom say serious things about each other, and you will want to work anything like that into the latter part of your speech. Funny best man speeches do need to turn serious at some point. You do want to wish the couple well on their journey together through life. This is a good time to emphasize some positive qualities of the groom and his bride. Perhaps you have heard or can find a short quote that is appropriate and inspirational. You have a choice as to how to conclude your speech, on a serious note or with more humor. You were chosen to be the best man for a reason, and you should give the role your very best.

Just telling jokes won’t make your speech funny. You must learn how to pick the right jokes and use them appropriately.

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