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This article might not be ideal for the best man who has great literary and oratory skills. However even if you are blessed with such talents you could read though it – may be you could find a point or two to enhance your skills further.

What is the secret of giving a great best man speech? In my opinion the secret of making (that involves the writing and delivery of the speech) a best man speech is to identify your shortfalls and prepare yourself accordingly.

To find an effective solution to a particular problem it is important that you pinpoint the problems precisely. And here are the problems that a best man at a wedding could have when it comes to making his speech.

  1. A best man could struggle to write a speech.
  2. He could be extremely vulnerable when it comes to delivering the speech.
  3. He could be weak in writing and on top of that scared of public speaking.

Now decide what kind of a best man you happen to be? I mean which of the above three scenarios best describes your situation?

Whatever your choice is, since the third choice covers both the problems, let us work on that.

The way you write your speech and the content of your speech is going to play a decisive role for your entire best man speech. So, let’s start with the writing of the speech.

The objective: To write a speech that you would find easy to recall at the time of giving it at the reception.

Reason: When you are nervous about making a speech, the last thing you would want is to write a long, complicated speech.

Do not try to think of the entire speech’s content all at a time. Instead what you could do is break the speech to several sections like –

The First Section

  • The Introduction
  • The post introduction part where you elaborate a bit on your relationship with groom

The Middle Section

  • Then the part where you talk about the groom (and the bride) revealing some of his positive as well as funny sides
  • The Anecdote part – where you share a couple of carefully picked anecdotes
  • The part where you talk about the couple and why you think they’ve found their soul-mates

The Final Section

  • The Advice (‘serious’ if you are older than the groom and ‘funny’ if you are younger) part
  • The Congratulation and Best Wishes part
  • The final Toasting part

Task for You

  1. Get seven A4 size paper sheets for each of the parts under the 3 sections mentioned above.
  2. Write the headings like Introduction, Post-Intro, Anecdotes … so on and so forth.
  3. Focusing on only one part at a time, try to do some research and gather information on each of those parts individually.
  4. Read some of the other articles posted on this site to get ideas for each of the aforesaid parts/sections of the speech. Alternatively click here if you are looking for a “done for you” solution.
  5. Complete writing each part and section one by one.

Additional Writing Tips

  • A light-hearted speech is appropriate for the best man – keep that in mind from the word go.
  • Choose to share anecdotes that are funny (not necessarily embarrassing though)
  • The moment you feel that you have written something that would be even a bit difficult for you to recall then you could either get rid of that topic completely or try to come up with a simpler version.
  • While writing make sure each part of your speech connects to the next part seamlessly.

Being methodical helps. I am sure following this method you would be able to write your best man speech under a couple of hours. Give it a try and you would be surprised. Guaranteed.

Now, let’s figure out how you could make the speech you have just written work for you. I mean the way you deliver the speech matters more than anything else, right? This is obviously, as you might expect, harder than writing the speech but guess what, you are already on your way to nail this one as well – remember you wrote the speech in a way so that it really becomes “your” speech and you could get accustomed to it fast and easy.

The Delivery

Rehearse each section and part of the speech individually first. Don’t hesitate to tweak wherever you feel necessary. A good speaker would continuously fine tune his or her speech to make it perfect.

Talking about perfect, though I just used it, don’t worry about making your speech “perfect”, rather try to make it sincere and heartfelt and that would make it almost “perfect”.

Once you feel that you could recall each of the parts of your speech effortlessly, it’s time to practice the entire speech.

For the first couple of times just read it aloud. Then try to recite it from your memory. After a few couple of runs you would slowly feel that you are finally in control. It’s a great feeling but don’t stop there. Try to make the speech to a friend and family member and contemplate on the feedback they give.

With every passing day you would gain in confidence and when the big day arrives you would eventually be ready to amaze the audience with your brilliant best man speech.

I am done with the article but it’s just the beginning for you as far as your best man’s speech is concerned. All the best!

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