The Painless Way To Prepare For Sincere Groom Speeches


The GroomYou are excited and the emotions are at it’s peak. After all it’s your wedding day. Soon you would be swapping vows with your fiancée – that’s surely going to be one of the greatest moments in your life.

It has been very hectic for the last couple of weeks. Even now you are tense and hoping everything works perfectly for you. I am sure you are aware of the wedding etiquette as well as the duties you’re supposed to take care of. It could turn out to be very overwhelming without the help from the groomsmen.

Talking of duties and responsibilities of the groom, one of the most common and yet important duty is going to be the speech you would be making during the course of the wedding reception. A few others like the bride’s father, the maid of honor and the best man would also give their speeches making it one of the most enthralling moments of the entire reception.

Remember you would be speaking on behalf of your bride as well, if she isn’t going to make a bride’s speech separately. So, you must be well prepared for your speech even before the wedding day.

Like all the other wedding speeches, there are two aspects of making a groom speech. For the first part you need to compose your speech. And then you need to become familiar with it making sure you are in full control while giving it at the reception.

Even if public speaking is a concern for you, there’s no need to panic. You’ll be after all speaking to your friends and families. So, once you know and recall the points you would like to bring up in your speech it’s going to be quite easy for you.

Before I give some useful tips for your speech, let me ask you one important question – are you a bit introvert or shy by nature. If not, then you’re are good to just write your speech and go through it a few times – probably that’s everything you’ll need to make it work for you.

However, if you are shy and not comfortable with all the attention you would be getting during your wedding, it might not be that easy for you to deliver a speech with everybody staring at you. So, here are a few options for you to choose from –

  1. Don’t get wed
  2. If you must then let it be a courthouse wedding with just the two of you and maybe a witness to sign the marriage license
  3. No guests, no reception. Maybe just a family dinner with both sets of parents and siblings, that’s all. No speech, no toasting.
  4. Make your wedding memorable for you and everybody else. Get ready for your vows and speech. Enjoy every moment of your biggest day of your life. And you wish to do all these things despite being shy.

For anybody who choses any or all the first 3 options mentioned above, there’s no point reading this article any further for obvious reasons.

For anybody who would rather choose the last or #4 option, I have some exciting tips for groom speeches that would definitely help you make your speech. I want you to take action and give it a try. Don’t be shy.

But first let’s get rid of your shyness. It is often seen that a lot of people who are shy in an alien environment are seemingly comfortable when the surrounding is familiar. So, try to get familiar to the environment. Open up a bit and start socializing, whenever you get a chance, with people including friends that are not in your inner-circle, distant family members as well as you in-laws. If you aren’t doing it already, try to maintain eye contact to every person you are going to talk from this moment. While making your speech you should keep shifting eye contact from one person to another. Look into your own eyes while facing a mirror and practice speaking to yourself. The result would be incredible, I guarantee.

Also never make your speech too long to remember all the points. In fact, groom speeches are never too long anyway. Compose your speech in a way that it’s going to be really convenient for you to remember. Be yourself, be natural. Go over your speech as many times as you might need to become well conversant with it.

Well, I wouldn’t keep you waiting anymore for the tips you need to write your speech. A groom’s speech is actually much simpler than that of the best man or the father of the bride. Appreciate the guests being part of the occasion, praise and thank the bride, thank every single person including the services that helped with all the arrangements – that’s almost everything you would need to say in your speech. To be honest, that’s the bare minimum as far as a wedding speech by a groom is concerned. To add to it, you must also express your happiness and pride to become the part of your in-laws’ family (replying to the father of the bride’s speech) and specially thank the best man (and the groomsmen) and the maid of honor (and the bridesmaids) for their support.

However, if you feel like making your speech a bit more interesting and no longer worried about your public speaking woes, you could include some funny incidents/stories in your speech. They may be about your first meeting with the bride’s father or how you fell in love with the bride but was hesitant to approach her … you got the idea.

To end your speech, toast the bridesmaids. Keep it short and simple but sincere.

I hope you now have some ideas on how to go about your groom’s speech. Remember, practicing your speech is always going to be the most important factor to pull off a decent speech.

You might still want to check some sample speeches to get started with. Simply get these samples, read them and more importantly, take action.

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