How Long My Best Man Speech Should Be?


speaking10 minutes? Less than ten minutes? Ummm … no. The appropriate answer to this common “best man speech” question would be – as long as you are able to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

However, wedding speeches are not comedy shows and a best man, in most cases, is not a stand-up comedian. So, be reasonable. You can’t keep the next speaker waiting forever and the guests away from the refreshments too long.

Now, let’s categorize the best men based on how good or bad they might be when it comes to public speaking. I am assuming that they are close to the groom and his family and are able to write the speech. Well, writing the speech could be a problem for a lot of guys but it’s not nearly as challenging as delivering it, especially when the best man in question is nervous.

1. The best man who is nervous and afraid of making any sort of speech

Well, needless to say, you need to keep your speech short, really short. But how short is not too short? You could introduce yourself with a smile (that should be easy), thank the groom for choosing you as the best man. Say a word or two about him as well as the bride. Congratulate them and end your speech by toasting the couple.

“Hi I am Jason, Mike’s friend. We were friends since our childhood and couldn’t be happier to see him get married to Linda. Mike is the nicest person you would ever meet and so is Rebecca, who, by the way, is looking absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. I must say, they have found the perfect match in each other. My sincerest congratulations to both of them. Now, ladies and gentleman, please raise your glasses in a toast to this wonderful couple.”

Now, that would take you less than 30 seconds. Too short? Yes, probably. Tell something more about the groom like how excited he is. Mention something special you noticed in the bride. And even then it won’t take you more than a minute and a half – which is, in my honest opinion, a perfect length for compact best man speeches.

2. He is not as nervous but …

He is the one that tends to drag the speech long. He tends to be a little nervous at the beginning but once he manages to get a start he seems to gain in confidence and keep going on and on. During his speech he suddenly discovers that he is no longer having any difficulty delivering the speech and subconsciously begins to enjoy it. In order to give a good speech it’s important that the speaker enjoys giving his speech but in this case the best man often gets carried away in excitement and brings up irrelevant topics that would eventually make his speech way too long.

A lot of best men fall in this category and must be careful dealing with this problem. There is a simple solution though – simply stick to the speech you have written.

3. The best man who’s quite comfortable while speaking to a crowd in public

Any best man would wish that he had this ability. But even a confident best man could have problems regarding the length of his speech. They often have the tendency to go overboard. They might have the speech written but would pick up more topics during the course of the wedding and try to include them in their speeches. This is a very god idea and could do wonders for your speech as long as you know where to stop. A lot of best man in this category often get too personal and bring up stories that might be embarrassing for the couple. You must have control over your speech so that you don’t end up overkilling it.

4. The man happens to be a seasoned orator

He knows what he does. There’s only one weakness that I would wish they would keep in mind – please remember it’s the couple’s day to shine and everything should be focused to them.

Does that make sense? Do you now figure how long your best man speech should be? I hope you do. Remember the first step to keep the length of your speech optimal begins with an appropriate composition of the speech.

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