How to Begin to Write Your Best Man Speech


Get Started Did you know that almost all best men keep on procrastinating when it comes to making their speeches? In order to make a good speech it is important to start the preparation at some point. You just can’t enter the wedding reception venue without preparing for your best man’s speech because that’s going to be nothing less than a disaster. Even if you happen to be confident public speaker you would still want to do some homework in order to give an even improved speech. A lot of best man would go unprepared hoping to give a speech off the cuff – not a good idea if you don’t want to disappoint the couple and concerned about your reputation.

So, it’s important to get the ball rolling – the earlier the better. Now the question is what is the perfect and the most effective way to get started with the speech? Though your prime objective is obviously to be able to come up with a good, humorous best man speech and deliver it flawlessly, it would be better if you split the entire process in to a number of small tasks, for example, the planning and composing stage, the rehearsal stage and lastly of course the stage where you actually need to deliver the speech.

In this article we are going to discuss the first stage, a part of the first stage to be precise – the planning you need to do to create your speech.

To be able to write your speech in a way you would want it to be, you need to do some homework first. So, your very first job would be to do some research – it could be like gathering some information about the bride (in case you don’t happen to know her personally), reading through some articles related to best man speeches, watching videos on sites like YouTube where you could watch other guys giving their speeches and so on and so forth. Talking about watching videos, don’t just watch the videos also read the comments posted under them as that would help you to understand what people are looking for while listening to speeches like these. Also you must watch videos that have titles like “The Worst Best Man Speech Ever” since it will quite easily help you learn how NOT to give best man speeches.

While doing your research, make sure you take note of the interesting points by preferably jotting hem down on a piece of paper. If you own an iPad (or any Tab) or a smart phone you could use that too to keep notes. You can try the Evernote App for both iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tabs – it’s free and will pretty much do the job for you.

When you know well exactly what to write for your speech the writing automatically becomes that much easier. The idea is to have all your ideas and notions recorded and have them organized so that you don’t have to waste time desperately trying to remember that important point that popped up in your mind last night. Also keep in mind that best speakers tend to write their speeches in a way that they could recall them conveniently at the time of making the speech. In a nutshell, a speech has to be natural and free flowing.

Once you’ve all the materials ready you could begin writing your speech. Don’t expect to write the complete speech all at once. Keep writing as long as you can, following the points you have jotted down earlier.

So, what are you waiting for? You could start the process right now by calling your friend to say that you want some more information about the bride or maybe you would want to go to YouTube and watch some videos first. All I want to say is – take action and you’ll be cruising your way to success.

There are several posts on how to write a good speech from the beginning – click here to go back to the home page of this site and go through some of those posts. Even better click the image below to download a help guide on writing and giving best man toasts.

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