How To Plan, Write and Deliver Awesome Best Man Speeches


Best Man giving Speech A wedding is perhaps one of the most important and most enjoyable events one can ever attend. That is why a well conceived, planned and written best man speech goes a long way in setting the tone for the whole event. In a very important way it is the job of the best man to make sure the whole speech is smooth and entertaining from start to finish. Let’s face it, the groom is already very nervous and stressed out about the life changing events that are about to transpire. More often than not it is either the grooms best friend or brother that is chosen to be best man and make the all important best man toast.

As has always been the tradition, best man speeches usually happen during the reception. It is vital not to undervalue the importance of the best man or this pivotal speech. In many ways this speech is what traditionally everyone is eager to hear, so be well prepared and at the top of your game, so to speak. What it comes down to is that the speech should be heart felt talks on why the groom has meant so much to you over the years. Talk about your bonding and your friendship. Most importantly, it must convey that it is an honor to be the best man and to be delivering this sacred best man toast.

The Speech Planning Stage

This is the stage where you lay the groundwork for what you will write and ultimately speak about on the day of the wedding as the best man. It entails thinking about the personality traits of the groom. Is the groom a serious type, a humorous type, or the super easy-going type? All best man speeches should be built around the groom’s core personality traits. The speech should have the intention of emphasizing these traits and of offering several real life examples of when these traits shined through.

Equally important to the quality of the speech itself is how long it runs. The trick here is to strike the perfect balance in the length of the speech. Too short a speech may convey a lack of sincerity, while too long a speech could easily put everyone to sleep. As a general guide 8 to 12 minutes is a good target for a speech including the toasting of the newlyweds at the end, but each case is unique and only the best man will know what is right in terms of the length of the speech. Now, let’s move on to the actual writing of the best man speech.

The Speech Writing Stage

This is your chance to develop a strong outline of where you will ultimately go with the speech. You are giving this speech because of your strong relationship to the groom, so it is important to convey this bond in the best man speech itself. It is smart to tailor the speech according to what you do best, for example if you’re generally a comedian by nature then let this quality in you come out in the best man speech. If you are more the sentimental type, then play on this strong point when writing the best man toast.

As mentioned in the planning stage, it is vital to strike a good balance in the duration of all best man speeches. Too long a best man speech, and you lose your audience, while too short a speech conveys lack of sincerity. When writing your speech, make it a point to do several dry runs, if you will, to get the feel, the tempo and the overall flow of the best man speech. Sticking with the shorter end of the target speech length as discussed above is usually a good duration speech for a best man. You should easily be able to say all that you are trying to say in this amount of time.

In writing the best man speech be sure that the first few lines include a basic introduction of who you are and what your relationship to the groom has been over the years. This in effect makes you an authority and adds credibility to you and your speech. In addition, there is a wide range of people from all over attending the wedding, and they simply may not know you. Most good best man speeches are driven by short anecdotes about the wedding couple. For example, how did the loving couple meet? You may have to do a little research to build on this portion of the speech.

In rounding out the writing of your best man toast it is good to build on the grooms strong personality traits. This is what people attending the wedding will relate to with regard to the groom, so it makes sense to focus on this concept in writing the speech. The talk should be perfectly tailored to the groom, his traits, as well as his overall personality. Finally, by all means keep it clean and always avoid getting racy. This should be true of all such speeches.

The Speech Delivery Stage

When the moment finally arrives and you stand up to begin your speech, it is important to woo the crowd in the first few opening lines. How you come across in the first few seconds will carry through the entire speech, so be sure to get this part right. Be confident, stand tall and deliver big smiles. It is perhaps wise to begin in a humble manner, avoiding any image of a big ego. This will put everyone on your side. Once you have won the crowd over, you can then move into more detail, including jokes or funny comments. You would want to wind up your speech appropriately by toasting the happy couple. These are really core attributes to most speeches.

The concluding portions of the speech should be sentimental in nature as well as congratulatory in overall tone. It is good to emphasis again that one factor that could make or break the perfect speech is the length of the speech. Keep highly conscious of the how long you are running, and read the audience. You can easily adjust the length of the speech according to what you are sensing from the audience with regard to the speech. This requires thinking a little on your feet, but overall is quite an easy task.

To make it even easier, download some samples of speeches and toasts – it’s the most obvious way to get some real ideas for your speech and I honestly I don’t see a reason you you wouldn’t.

In conclusion, there are as many ways to deliver best man speeches as there are weddings, but with a strong outline, proper planning and some good writing, you will no doubt shine on the big day. The groom is counting on you to deliver this important wedding speech and trusts you will deliver it with great care. Being asked to be a best man is a great honor and deserves the greatest attention to detail. Weddings are a wonderful time where family and friends come together to share in the love that a bride and groom have for each other, and your speech and/or toast can be the link that ties the whole event together perfectly. Make this wedding a special day and make this best man speech a great experience for all, after ail it is not every day you are asked to be a best man.

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  1. David says:

    I’m a little scared about doing a speech in front of people
    Will this help me be more prepared and give me something to say or at least give me some guide lines to follow ?

    • Admin says:

      Absolutely. The entire site is built to help you write and deliver appropriate best man speeches. go through the articles and if possible you could consider downloading the samples.

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