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Maid of Honor CardWe all love to be a part of a wedding, don’t we? And when it’s your own sister or best friend getting married the excitement seems to be getting to you with every passing day. But amidst of all the excitement and fun you just can’t stop worrying about the speech you are supposed to give during the wedding reception. Well, you would be surprised if I tell you how many women visit this page every day during the wedding season looking for ideas that could help them create their maid of honor speeches. So, don’t worry, you are not alone. And trust me, you’ll be able to make a wonderful speech following the simple tips outlined in this article. Keep reading!

Or maybe you would like to watch a sample video first – it’s a great way to get the idea quickly!

As the head of the bridesmaids you have quite a few other important duties and responsibilities to carry out and so, you can’t probably afford to five all your attention to your speech and it would become increasingly difficult as the wedding day gets closer. It’s good to see getting started already!

The bride chooses her sister or best friend to play the role of the maid of honor. She could be her cousin or anybody close to her as well. To the bride a maid of honor is what the best man is to the groom. If she is older than the bride she is called the matron of honor.

Now let’s make a quick list of things that the maid of honor is expected to care of. Throughout the wedding day (and days before it) she is like a personal support system to the bride whenever she needs help. In fact, she would be aware and anticipate the bride’s needs and take care of them even before the bride thinks of them.

As the chief bridesmaid she also leads the bridesmaids guiding them all along the wedding ceremony and reception while handling the minutest wedding day details with utmost care. Before the wedding day she takes part in all the planning and helps the bride in activities like picking the wedding attire, buying the bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ gifts, sending the invitation cards and so on.

It’s the maid of honor who throws the bridal shower party (if she is not somebody from her own immediate family) and is the chief organizer of the bachelorette party. We would discuss more about organizing these parties in another article.

On the wedding day, she signs the marriage license as a legal witness to the marriage. At the alter she makes sure that the train of the bridal gown holds it’s position properly. She would be the last among the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle ahead of the bride. It’s her duty to keep the groom’s band and hand it over to the bride when needed.

Well, I hope we have covered most of the major, if not all, major duties and responsibilities of the maid of honor. Now, it’s time to turn our focus to the one most maid (or matron) of honors are worried about – the maid of honor speech.

Ideas For Your Maid of Honor Speech

[More Ideas and Speech Samples] Giving a wedding speech during the course of the wedding reception party is one of the most important duties of the maid of honor. Maid of honor speeches could be as funny and entertaining as best man speeches. And at the same time they could be very personal and heartfelt. However, to make that happen, it’s important that you plan and prepare for the speech whole-heartedly. Remember the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids, on whose behalf you would be giving the speech, would be expecting a nice, little speech from you. Also you are supposed to toast the couple at the end of your speech.

To make your speech successful you need to take action fast. I mean don’t wait until the last hour to prepare for your speech. The closer you get to the big day the busier you would become. I hope you understand that you have a lot of tasks to handle. So, getting started with the speech as early as possible is what you should be looking forward to.

You could start the speech building by reading some sample wedding speeches especially that are written for the maid of honor. It’s the most common and probably the most effective way to get some ideas for your speech quickly. You would notice that most wedding speeches have a number of things in common. They start with an introduction (for example, “Hello everyone, those of you don’t who I’m, let me introduce myself – I am Lisa, the bride’s younger sister. . .”) and ends with the traditional toasting of the newlyweds. However, it’s the middle part of the speech that the audience is more interested it.

Take a writing pad and think of some interesting moments that you have lived with the bride. You may have several but choose the ones that are funny and but not too embarrassing for her. Never ever mention about her ex-boyfriends, should she have any. Also avoid stories that might be funny but not for her in-laws who might not take delight in those stories.

Maid of honor speeches should portray a very positive, compatible and sensible picture of the bride by highlighting the favorable traits in her character. Well every human being has a brighter and darker side in his or her character and on the biggest day of her life you only need to focus on the bright side of her character.

Though your speech would be centered mostly on the bride, it’s not complete unless you talk about the groom. Share with your audience why you think your sister/best friend couldn’t get a better person to marry (even if that’s not the case actually). If you remember a funny incidence related to the couple you could share it with the audience as well. These are the little details that people love to listen to.

Not to mention, during the entire span of your speech, you would use words like “gorgeous”, “stunning”, “the most beautiful”, “handsome” several times to describe the bride as well as the groom.

Finally, congratulate the couple wishing them a long, happy married life.

At the end of your speech, you would want to propose a toast to honor the couple and their union. Like your speech, your maid of honor toasts ought to be short and simple too.

Watch another video or click the text below to get some sample speeches.

Speech Samples and Guide

P.S. Do you have a good voice? Can you sing? If you do, you might consider expressing your feelings through a song. If you do a search on YouTube you would discover that a lot of maid of honors are actually singing and they happen to be the ones that are on top of the chart. I mean those are the videos that are most liked. I have a collection few of the bridesmaids speeches videos to share with you. Let me know which are the ones you liked most.

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