The Materials You Need To Create Your Best Man’s Speech From Scratch


The secret to become successful with any speech, especially when the speaker is nervous and incredulous about his ability to present a speech standing in front of a gathering, is to create a speech that is so easy that nobody would have any problem to memorize it. In fact, the content of the speech has to be so natural and obvious that it would be hard to forget it. And when you know and could recall the content of your speech point by point and one after another, the delivery becomes easy. So, everything boils down to writing the content smartly so that it facilitates the entire speech giving process.

So, is the best man your first job is to write the speech and to write the speech you need to have some topics based on which you are going to write your speech. But it’s not enough to have the topics ready in your mind. You’d need to stitch them together in some order to create your speech. And for that you would probably need some ideas that would help you get started. You can get the help you need in a number of ways – speech samples and templates, wedding and marriage related quotes as well as jokes and one-liners are to name a few. And not to forget some sample anecdotes that of course you’d find included in the samples and templates. Collectively they are known as best man speech materials.

In this article we are going to focus on several such materials that could help a best man to come up with his wedding speech and toast.

Speech Samples: These are pre-written speeches written exclusively for the best man. However, some of them are actual speeches given by real best men. You might not easily found these real speeches in written formats but if you go to sites like YouTube you will find hundreds of videos on best man speeches. Nonetheless, you’ll soon discover that written speeches are more convenient to work with. Thankfully, you will find all sorts of sample speeches making it possible for you to pick the ones that are appropriate to your case. No matter if you are the brother (older/younger), cousin, best friend or colleague of the groom – you’ll find samples for you. Further categorization is also possible. For example, sample speeches for the best friend could be available in the following formats – speeches for childhood friends, high school friends, college or university friends and so on.

Speech Templates: Technically there is no difference between a speech sample and a template. A speech template is essentially a sample speech that can be easily customized to your own speech by simply filling up the blanks provided in the document. The picture posted below is an example of a part of a best man speech template. I hope the image itself is self-explanatory.

A Template

If you are in a hurry you could grab one of these templates and edit it to your choice to create your own speech fast and easy. It’s evident from the example above that you have two fill-in the names of the key personalities and locations and lots of other things to transform the template to your speech. You’d also need to include your own anecdotes of course. It’s a great way to at least create a draft of your eventual best man speech very quickly.

Quotations: You could liven up your speech by using fitting quotations in your speech. You will find lots and lots of wedding related quotations online. Some are from eminent personalities while others are from anonymous people. You’ll find quotations for every mood and question. Including a right quotation at the right point in your speech could make it more adorable. Give it a try … you’re going to love it.

NOTE: Did you notice the Quotes under each post excerpt on the Home page of this site? There are some really good ones – check them out.

Jokes and One-Liners: There are short jokes (funny one-liners) and there are also long jokes often having a few lines of conversations. Jokes are useless and annoying when you don’t use them appropriately. Do not create your speech for the sake of the jokes, rather choose to include jokes that blend well with your content and help it become humorous. You could check the article we published on this topic for more details … you’ll find a few good jokes there as well.

Opening Lines: Often people tend to struggle most with the first few lines of their speech. That’s understandable because that’s the time they are most nervous. Thus it is important for the speakers to make sure that the opening is easy-going for them. Do you think it is going to help if you could see a few perfect opening for best man speeches?

Closing Lines: Same with the closing lines. Who wouldn’t want to sign off gracefully with some awe-inspiring words for the couple? You should pay special attention to the closing lines of your speech – often it makes even a mere ordinary speech worth remembering for a long time. Yes, samples of closing lines are available too.

Wedding Toasts: Last but not the least. I would always keep the toasting short, simple and sincere but if you want to get creative with your toast for the couple, you might want to check some example wedding toasts and choose the one that suits your speech, your personality and the couple’s nature. We have an article published on best man toasts, if you want to check it out for some more details.

So, if you are wondering where could you find all these materials, you could check this site – they have got some really good stuff there.

If you find them useful (I’m sure you would) let me know and I’ll make sure all best men benefit from your review.

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