Thoughts on Giving Inspiring Mother of The Bride Speeches


bride with motherIt’s an emotional moment for both of you though you knew it’s going to come some day since she was born. So, finally the day has arrived when your daughter is going to leave the family and be a part of another. Now as the bride’s mother you, needless to say, have a very significant role to play. There are several things that you are supposed to take care of but at the moment we I would want to discuss about the one that could make a lot of mothers quite nervous. I am talking about the mother of the bride speech. It is an excellent opportunity for a mother to convey all her inner feelings for her beloved daughter who is about to enter a new phase of her life.

Unlike the father of the bride, the bride’s mom don’t give a speech at every wedding you attend but if you are required to make one anyway, this article could be of some help. Mother of the bride speeches at some points are quite similar to that of the father, but there are some differences as well.

In order to be able to give a nice mother of the bride speech, you must be willing to devote some of your time and energy in it’s preparation. Keep in mind that even though the content of the speech is definitely imperative, the way you deliver it is equally important. In fact, it’s the delivery of the speech that bothers most of the mothers. Quite understandably the days leading up to the wedding is going to be quite hectic for you but you must set aside some time out of your busy schedule to get ready for your speech. Failing to do so might leave you clueless when you need to give the speech and that would be a big disappointment..

Since the main content of your speech, like all good wedding speeches, would contain a few anecdotes, you could start the exercise by taking a trip down the memory lane trying to pick some remarkable moments in your daughters life so that you could share the most adorable ones while giving your speech. It’s quite obvious that some of the memories would be very emotional but you also need to pick the ones that are funny. If you ask me, all good wedding speeches are a mix of sentiments and humor.

Talking about emotions, there’s no harm expressing your emotions while making the speech – just don’t get too sentimental as that wouldn’t allow you to complete your speech. A lot of women believe that a humorous speech is going to be appreciated more than a sentimental one and hence they tend to curb their genuine feelings, which is not the best approach I’m afraid. But as the mother of the bride it’s perfectly normal for you to be in tears at times and rest assured the guests won’t mind it at all. But having said that, if you think your are way too sentimental you must have quite a few dose of humor in your speech to keep your emotions under control.

While most part of your speech would be indeed about your daughter, you must also speak about his would-be-husband enough. Similarly you would also want to greet your daughter’s in-laws, especially the parents of the groom. Weddings often tend to beginning of family issues simply due to the fact that a few individuals would feel that they were ignored or not properly treated.

I am sure you have the opportunity to attend quite a few weddings in your life and know how wedding speeches are given. And so had most of us. And yet when it’s our turn to create a speech from scratch we are often at a loss. But guess what, you don’t actually need to create the speech from scratch. You could get a lot of great ideas from some pre-written speeches. I think it’s needless to remind you that such ready-made speeches are good for inspiring you to write your own …. it’s important that retain your own flair and individuality while making the speech. Be yourself.

Make sure that you have a nice free start and an appropriate end to your speech. Unless you are a fluent speaker, a simple introduction (maybe with a little humor) is what you might need. You should find the closing lines easier though. Most wedding speakers would end their speeches by proposing a toast and wishing the bride and groom and it’s probably the most efficient way to bring a wedding speech to it’s end.

Now, the most critical point. If want me to single out the most critical factor that might influence your wedding speech like nothing else then this has to be it – practice your speech hard. When I say hard I don’t mean to say that you need to rehearse for several hours everyday. All you need to be is consistent. Write the speech in a timely manner and start practicing it as soon as possible. Making a speech in public isn’t something you could wing, specifically when the the speaker is not a proficient speaker or didn’t prepare for his/her speech well sufficiently. When you practice you would be able to gain the confidence that is critical to be successful with any speech, not just mother of the bride speeches.

If you think it would make you more confident, you could get the main points of your speech on some cue-cards and have them with you while making your speech. Just in case you tend to forget something or get distracted these will help you recover.

Finally, I believe to be able to give a great speech you must enjoy while giving it as much as you would expect the audience to take pleasure in it. So, don’t have sleepless nights worrying if you could make a great speech but think how well you could prepare for it and you’ll do great eventually.

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