The Icebreakers – Opening Lines That Could Make Your Day


Opening SpeechLet me put it straight – opening lines are arguably the most important aspect of your entire best man speech. It’s significant not only because it creates the first impression but it really happens to be the key factor that tends to guide the course as well as the class of the speech. In a nutshell, the opening lines of your speech could make or break your best man speech. So, not surprisingly, a best man who has a great start to his speech often ends up giving a great speech eventually.

The fate of a best man speech or any public speech for that matter hugely depends on the confidence level of the speaker making the speech. If you are not stressed and have full control over your speech you are guaranteed to do well with your speech. And guess what, if you somehow manage to make a flawless start, it would boost your confidence considerably and help you complete your speech effortlessly.

So, as you might want to figure out, what’s the best way to ensure a good, confident start to your best man speech? Well, the answer is not hard to guess. You need to make sure that the opening lines of your best man speech are simple and straightforward – something that you won’t need to stress your mind to remember.

At the same time, your opening lines should be capable of breaking the ice between you and your audience right at the beginning of your speech. You could think of using a lighthearted comment or a humor as an icebreaker (Later in this article you would find some icebreakers* that you could use in your speech). It should be very appropriate and ideally should be able to set the mood of the speech as well.

Remember that the icebreaker is a part of the opening lines or the introduction of your speech. So, it shouldn’t be anything complicated or more than a sentence or two – we want our best man speech to be short, simple and sweet, right? You could prefer the icebreaker to be the very first lines of the opening part of your speech. Alternatively you could mention it somewhere in between or even at the end of the introduction. The other key objective of such icebreakers would be to grab the attention of the audience from the word go.

Think of opening lines and the icebreaker that would help you to connect the introduction to the main body of your speech effortlessly. Good opening lines produce the platform for great speeches and that’s perhaps the key points of significance as far as openings of best man speeches are concerned.

If you can’t wait to read through some opening lines / icebreakers for best man speeches, I won’t keep you waiting. Here are a few that you might want to try.

A pleasant evening to everyone! Before I begin, I’d like to share what my father‐in‐law advised me for moments like these. He told me not to be too conscious when people start looking at their watches while I am speaking. And that I should try wrapping up my speech before they shake their watches to check whether it is still working.

A pleasant evening to everyone! It is only proper at this stage of the wedding program that I divulge information that would lead to the embarrassment of Ryan by recalling his past. However, as much as I want to give you a good laugh and out of respect for Ryan’s big day, I decided to set it aside … for the meantime.

My name is Jason and I would like to extend my gratitude to Daniel and Jenifer for choosing me as their best man. After confirming with them, I had this afterthought about the downside of being the best man in a wedding. One never gets the opportunity to prove it, but I am up for anyone wants to join me in a drinking competition after this.

A pleasant evening to everyone and welcome to Andrew and Sarah’s special day! Thank you all for coming. Don’t hesitate to make yourselves comfortable. We have an open bar there, go and help yourselves since I am not the one who’ll be paying for that. Why are you laughing, Andrew? That is like calling the kettle black, buddy. I’m glad Sarah was able to put up with Mr. Whiskey A-go-go there.

* Icebreaker [Meaning ~ References]

  1. “something intended to relieve mutual shyness at a gathering of strangers” –
  2. “Something done or said to relax an unduly formal atmosphere or situation.” – American Heritage Dictionary
  3. “an opening remark, action, etc., designed to ease tension or relieve formality: A mild joke can be a good icebreaker.” –


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