Getting Over The Public Speaking Scare For Good


MicrophoneThere are a lot of people who won’t mind dying rather than making a speech in public. Public speaking is one of the most dreaded tasks a person would ever want to do, unless of course he or she is divinely blessed by the super-natural ability to speak a few words in front a gathering without being nervous or struggling desperately trying to remember the words he/she very much wanted to say.

So, what instigates the fear that a person could feel whenever he or she has to make a speech? Why speaking in public is perceived as the most dreaded experience for some of us? Why the news of being chosen as the best man at a wedding scares the daylight out of the guy who is picked for the job. Being chosen as the best man is a huge honor, right?

Well, there are a lot factors that make us feel uncomfortable and fearful whenever we are supposed to deliver a speech in public. In this post we are not only going to discuss and comprehend each one of those factors but also try to find a solutions to overcome them effectively.

One: Fear of Failing – People are afraid of public speaking as they believe they will eventually fail no matter what. Often we are way too much concerned about the end result not realizing we can do a lot better if only we could take things more positively.

Two: Lack of Self-Belief – a lot of people seem to lack in confidence because they have accepted the fact that they will never be able to address a gathering anyway. My question is – did you ever try to make a speech? No? Then how do you know you can’t if you didn’t even try to make one ever?

Three: Past experience of failure – We often tend to give up if we happen to have a bad past experience while trying to do the same thing. Did you prepare well the last time you failed to make an impression with your speech. I doubt it. Why not give it a try but this time only after you have worked really hard for your speech.

Four: Sudden Exposure – Since most of us aren’t very accustomed to get attention of so many people at a time it often tend to get on us making us very nervous and vulnerable. Well, this one is biggie. The best remedy would be to socialize as much as you can, exchanging opinions on various topics with like-minded people. If you’re going to make a speech at a social function make sure you get to know your potential audience before you make the speech and mingling with them is going to gain in confidence.

Five: Uneasy about others judging you – We seem to get stressed out whenever we think that we are going to be judged for our performance as a speaker. Being stressed is not going to help. Your primary goal would be to convey your message properly – don’t worry about being fancy about doing so.

Six: Comparison with other speakers – When a speaker discovers that those who spoke ahead of him or her are did exceedingly well, the pressure seem to build up a lot higher. But when should you be geared up for the speech you would rather be picking up points from those speeches rather than thinking how good they are and thus putting on more pressure on yourself.

Seven: Wanting to be perfect – Some speakers, despite being first-timers, often end up putting additional stress on themselves wanting to be perfect. Come on … it’s insane to want to become perfect when you don’t speak frequently in public. Instead of trying to make it perfect make sure whatever you say is meaningful and well-understood. Don’t over-emphasize with the outcome of the speech rather focus on the content you are going to bring up. Good content often makes even a simple speech stand out.

Eight: The size of the Audience – We don’t seem to have problem talking to 3 friends but become nervous when it grows to 300 and majority of them are strangers. Did you know that several expert speakers, while giving their speeches, imagine that they are actually talking to a person and not the entire audience? I think you got the idea.

Nine: The Venue and Ambiance – Like the number of people you are speaking to, the ambiance of the event and the venue also tend to have a direct impact on the speaker’s mind. Imagine yourself speaking in a formal seminar to hundreds of people most of who are strangers with spotlights focused on you – it’s scary and even experienced speakers would prepare themselves thoroughly for such an event. But again, you need to keep calm and never allow any negative thoughts to prevail in your mind. Concentrate and study the subject matter of your speech passionately and make sure you have a good start (try to make the introduction part simple and natural) – once you are through for the first couple of minutes you would adjust yourself with the ambiance and feel a lot more comfortable and also grow in confidence as you continue with your speech.

Ten: Lack of Preparation – This is the single most critical factor that stands between you and becoming a confident public speaker.  Preparation for your speech is indispensable and includes activities like doing elaborate research, taking notes, creating a layout for the speech, writing the speech and practicing it by actually rehearsing it several times. You can try reciting the speech to yourself or by standing in front of a mirror (you must have heard it so many times but did you try it ever – it works!) or giving a trial-run by making the speech to a few friends or family members. The longer you spend with your speech, the more familiar you become to it. Familiarity breeds confidence and once you have the confidence you are good to make any speech anywhere, anytime.

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