The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speech Code


Rehearsal Dinner The wedding rehearsal happens to be a part of our great wedding tradition and customs that are being practiced through the ages. It is a function that allows everybody participating to become more knowledgeable and assured about exactly what to expect the following day. Every key person, including the couple, the both sets of parents, close friends and families who are going to play a significant role in the wedding, are expected to attended the rehearsal dinner. The officiant of the wedding may also be invited in order to narrate and explain the proceedings of the ceremony to ensure that each of the participants understand their duties and responsibilities.

The rehearsal dinner is an ideal opportunity for the families to socialize together in a somewhat informal and relaxed environment. No matter how formal the wedding might be, the rehearsal dinner should ideally be casual. There’s nothing cheap or embarrassing about it In fact a laid back rehearsal dinner would make even a formal wedding amiable and much more enjoyable as the families and close friends of the bride and groom have already been quite familiar to one another. But don’t ever think that an informal rehearsal dinner can’t be elegant. It doesn’t matter if you’d want to head over to a nice food joint or prefer to have a more personal but a very cozy party at a private venue – you all are going to enjoy a great time together.

There isn’t any rule regarding the number of guests you would like to invite to a rehearsal dinner. It could pretty much be the couple, their parents, siblings and their spouses and a few close friends. Alternatively it could be an extravagant party with lots of guests, some of them coming from distant locations. It’s a great opportunity for the couple and their families to get the most out of it and spend some really good time with friends and relatives they don’t get a chance to meet often. The ambiance being far more relaxed than the wedding, you would get a lot more chance and time to chat with the guests. Now it’s entirely up to you if you’re going to have a smallish party or a big bash like the one we’re talking about a while ago.

A few traditional toasting normally take place during the rehearsal dinner. For example, the bride and the groom are anticipated to make a speech – individually or together. Aside from that, the groom’s parents are also likely to make speeches or toasts at the rehearsal dinner. Oftentimes, the best man, maid of honor and even the father of the bride get a chance to toast at the rehearsal dinner. If you’re scheduled to make a wedding speech at the reception party, the rehearsal dinner could offer you a perfect ‘dress rehearsal’ opportunity ahead of the actual event. The rehearsal dinner at the same time boasts an opportunity to those individuals close to the couple that won’t be giving a speech at the reception, to make a toast. The list may include the grandparents, uncles and aunts of the couple.

Special Note for The Groom

Though it might vary from families to families, but it’s likely that there will a few toasting from the likes of the groom’s parents, the best man and so on. The bride might as well join in if she wants. Honestly, the rehearsal party is typically on the groom and his parents, and so, being the groom you too have to give a speech. There’s no way you can dodge it. But there’s nothing to be worried about. You don’t need to say anything extravagant. All you need to do is thank anyone who toasted you, let your fiancée know just how much you love her and how lucky you’re to have her as your wife. You would also want to thank your parents for everything they have done for you and helping you to become what you are. It’s not unusual to get a bit nervous but everything you need to say is so obvious that it’s hard to forget those; besides it’s not going to last more than a minute or two at most. You can do it. Period.

And The Best Man …

Well, as the best man, technically your rehearsal dinner speech wouldn’t be much different from what you would be saying at the wedding reception the following day. But then again, you don’t want to give the exact same speech on both occasions. Since the rehearsal dinner is less formal than the wedding reception, accordingly your rehearsal dinner speech could be more relaxed and personal. Stick to the same Do’s and Don’ts as for the best man’s wedding reception speech and, once again, don’t end up sharing the same anecdotes and comments that you planned for the speech to be given the following day. And that’s pretty much it.

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