A Short Best Man Speech Could Save The Day For You


Writing Short Speech Since you can’t avoid giving a speech the best thing you can do is to give a short best man speech. Well, this piece of advice applies to anybody who is dead scared of giving a speech.

Almost all best man speech guides would tell you to keep your speech “short and sweet” but when I say a “short” best man speech, I mean a speech that is going to be even shorter.

Now, this could be quite tricky as you might wonder how short is not going to end up being too short. The answer is simple though – speak as long as you can afford to. And yes, it’s going to vary from person to person.

So, how do you know what’s best for you? it’s not difficult to figure out and here’s how you need to approach it.

There are certain elements that are indispensable for wedding speeches like that of the best man. For instance, you must introduce yourself to the audience, extend your sincere congratulations to the wedding couple and also offer a toast to honor their union.

May I have your attention please?

I am Fred, the groom’s younger brother and his best man.

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Mike and Susan. I wish them all the happiness and prosperity in life. May all their dreams that they have shared together become fulfilled.

(Raising your glass) To Mike and Susan, to their love and their marriage.

Now, that’s not yet a “speech”. It’s not complete yet. His is how you could improve it.

Add some details about the groom (and the bride). For example,

Mike used to be a shy guy even when we were in high school. And I used to believe that shyness is an instant turn-off for pretty women. But since Mike and Susan started dating I was kinda . . . shocked. Since then I started believing a shy guy stands a better chance in love.

We are almost there. It won’t be appropriate if you don’t mention a few words of praise about the bride as well. So, do that.

All you need to do now is to think of an anecdote to share with the guests. Choose one that is humorous and interesting so that everybody could have a good laugh over it. Often best men would go overboard and share stories that are embarrassing and even awkward for the couple. So, keep that in mind and never bring up controversial topics, bizarre stories, jokes that are only suitable for bachelor parties and names of ex-girlfriends etc. However, if you are intending to give a short best man speech you should particularly be careful about it as it might make all your efforts go down the drain.

A good orator would probably share a couple of more stories but since you are trying to keep your speech short you are advised to limit it to only one. If you are too shy you could even skip the anecdote part. If you think that could make your speech way too short you could mention a few more positive traits about the groom as well as the bride instead.

Making short best man speeches is actually a challenge because you need to stuff all your feelings and emotions within your speech which you want to wrap up as quickly as possible. So, take time to write the speech so that it is able to express your feelings.

The last tip I would want to offer is to be natural. Don’t worry about not being able to give the best best man speech ever given because if you speak from your heart the couple (and everybody else listening to you) would surely appreciate it.

Think short best man speeches can’t be funny and good enough ? Watch the video below – it’s less than 3 minutes in length (that’s short, huh?) and quite funny. [Wish the audio volume was a bit high though].

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