It’s The Best Man’s Duty To Organize The Bachelor Party


The bachelor party is often viewed as the groom’s chance to savor his carefree bachelor life for the last time before he embraces the life of a family man. In other words, it is an event organized to commemorate the joy of being bachelor and bid farewell to it in the most fun-filled and unforgettable way. Getting married is a huge happening in anybody’s life and the moment you exchange the rings everything changes forever. At times things seem to get better, and sometimes it won’t – but one thing becomes inevitable … the way you lived is going to be changed for good.

It’s one of the primary duties of the best man to try make the bachelor party truly an unforgettable one. In order to organize a great bachelor party you need to have a solid plan in hand for the bachelor party and in this article I will try to give you some ideas based on which you could put together one for the groom.

The very first thing in the list would be to choose an appropriate venue. The preferred location to organize a bachelor party would be at a private residence for several good reasons. The crucial of which would be to totally keep clear of any potential threat of being questioned or bothered by the local police or any law enforcement agency. In case you plan to visit a strip club, you considerably raise the probability that anybody amongst you is going to be detained and slapped a fine for ‘driving under influence’ or ‘driving while intoxicated’ if you all ended up drinking way too much. But while partying is at somebody’s residence even if one of the attendees surpasses his limits. he is going to have enough time and room to make himself comfortable again. Well, if you fail to find a private residence, you can always book a hotel room or, even better, a suite (so that you have enough room). If you prefer to have the bachelor party to be an evening satiating in the nightlife of the town, then consider renting a party bus making sure the bus drops everybody off at a place where they could spend the rest of the night, if required.

It’s never a good idea to invite ladies to the bachelor parties. It would make the groom nervous and tentative the other guys hesitant – not the ideal situation you would want in a bachelor party. Why not suggest the girls to have the bachelorette party scheduled, if they plan to have one, the same night? I think that would be an excellent idea because that way they won’t feel left out.

Are you planning to have strippers at the party? Before I give my tips, here’s something important I would like you do pay attention to.

Did you know that not all the brides would endorse parties that are going to have strippers? They would often have strong inhibitions about this. Sometimes they (the brides-to-be) become so upset and even feel disgusted to know that they even think of calling off the marriage. Don’t believe? Read what this bride has to say and how this bride reacted. It’s a clear warning that you must not underestimate the consequences that it might lead to.

My suggestion would be to discuss your plans with the groom in advance and find out if he thinks it’s not going to be a big concern for the bride. If the groom is not willing, don’t force him in to it. As the best man it’s your duty to make sure that the wedding goes well and there’s no misunderstanding or confusion. Why you need to talk to the groom about it? Here’s why.

Maybe revealing your plans for the party would somewhat eradicate the surprise element but sometimes it’s not worth the cost your friend might have to pay for it.

However, if you decide it’s not a big deal and want to go ahead and book strippers for the bachelor party do that well in advance. Most services will probably provide you with the strippers you bought if you happen to book them in advance. Also make sure that you’ll have enough money to tip the girls. Be polite and respectful to them otherwise you wouldn’t get the best out of them. Last but not least, make sure that you or anybody else doesn’t take photos. It’s so easy to take out the mobile and click – refrain yourself from doing it, seriously. I think I don’t need to explain you why.

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