Wedding Decorations That Make Weddings Come Alive


Reception Decor Wedding decoration is an indispensable part of any wedding and thus should be one of the priorities when you are planning for a wedding. Yet a lot of couples wouldn’t give this vital aspect not as importance as some of the others, for example, the wedding dresses or photography.

There is absolutely no limit to wedding decoration ideas. Even if you are planning a themed wedding, you probably would have several options to it as well. Talking about themes, the wedding décor should preferably be planned and built around a particular theme (it could be as simple as a color or a season). This post assumes that you two are planning your own wedding and most of the decorations are going to be done by you (I mean kinda DYI). But even if you have a wedding planner to do all the planning for you, you still, I am sure, would like to give your inputs.

The ambience and spirit of a wedding entirely rely on its décors. Every bride dreams of a wedding that is wonderfully adorned. However, keep in mind that any excess pressure on the budget for decoration could impact even the best of relationships adversely. But if you are on a shoe-string budget, there are lots of wedding decorating ideas that are affordable. And there are those cool DIY ideas that could help you plan a lovely wedding and hopefully you would still have some budget left for an exciting honeymoon.

Wedding decorations could make or break the ambiance of the reception party. So, it is important to plan the whole decoration carefully. A perfect wedding decoration creates the desired mood of celebration around the reception hall.

When you think of wedding décors, the first thing that comes to mind is the flowers. Flowers are the essence of every wedding adornment. Floral decorations could be also expensive if you use costly flowers but you could always go for the less-expensive ones and use your imagination to create beautiful floral décors.

We all love fresh flowers – they are lovely and, unless you have some exotic specimen in mind, are cheaper than silk. On the flip side, you would still pay at least a few hundred bucks, and in the end they’ll all be disposed of. On the other hand you could keep the silk flowers and use them to decorate your house later on. You might need to do some research and sharpen your bargaining skills to strike a good deal with the vendors/suppliers.

If you’re looking to save even more, “do it yourself”. A friend of mine recently told me that the only adornments they weren’t carry out themselves were the uplighting (of the ceiling) and the chair covers. But they managed to get some excellent deals on both of these items. Think DIY and you could decorate the centerpieces, do the cake table and the head table decorations.

If you are having bigger budgets you could choose one of those nice wedding venues you have heard of or had a chance to visit while attending somebody else’s wedding. I personally would prefer venues where they have the lightings, the chairs and he chair covers, the tables for all purposes, linens etc. included in the package deal.

Centerpiece Decorations: I don’t know about you but whenever I see a great centerpiece at a wedding, I wished I could take that home – they are so elegant and creative that anybody would fall in love with them. The table centerpieces are one of the key elements of the entire wedding decorations. Your wedding decoration is not complete without a wonderful wedding centerpiece – they bring life into the wedding reception and infuse the true spirit of wedding celebration. It’s the oomph factor of the entire wedding decoration.

When it comes to wedding centerpiece ideas, the options and varieties are infinite. I actually feel like writing a separate post exclusively on wedding centerpieces soon and will discuss some inspired centerpiece ideas there. Until then you could check for some fascinating ideas and also this Pinterest board.

Wedding Arches and Arbors: If you’re having a destination/beach/outdoor wedding, you can’t do without a gorgeous arbor. An exquisitely decorated wedding arch is going to make your wedding photos look magnificent. Flowers, ivy, drapes dominate as the main décor materials. Again I would recommend you to check out this collection featured on Pinterest to view some fabulous wedding arches/arbors/canopies.

By the way, I lately happen to come across an incredibly creative and detailed wedding arbor … I would share a photo just for you.

Source: on Pinterest


Themed Wedding Decorations: If you going to have a specific theme for your wedding you would certainly want all your decorations done around that theme. No matter if you are planning for simple themes based on colors or seasons (like spring, fall or winter) or detailed themes like Fairy Tale or Wild West, it’s not difficult at all to find all the supplies you need to create your chosen theme to perfection. Simply search online with key phrases like “beach theme wedding favors” or “western theme wedding supplies” and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some great deals.

If you are getting married soon or if you got married recently please let us know about your wedding decorations by posting comments. You could also share some of your wedding photographs by posting links in your comments.

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