Wedding Favors – A Wonderful Way To Thank The Guests


various wedding favorsA wedding day is often remembered not only by the couple but also the friends and family as well as the guests who attended the weighty One of the finest ways to keep the guests referring to your wedding for a long time would be to be creative with the decorations and making sure that the invitees have a great time during the wedding. You don’t need to be overly expensive to make people remember your wedding. Little things like the invitation cards and wedding favors would also help you make your wedding unique.

You will find wedding favors of all forms and designs. Wedding favors are little novelties that are presented to the guests as a mark of appreciation for participating in the wedding. It’s a good idea to choose the favors according to the overall theme of the wedding, No matter if it is a classy, traditional wedding or a modern themed wedding.

If you believe you would need to fork out big money on wedding favors, you can’t be more wrong. You could choose your favors according to your wedding budget. Even if your budget is slim you could find a variety of favors at an encore shop. And of course you could search the Internet for exclusive wedding favors sites – they have a wide range of wedding favors for all sorts of budgets.

A lot of people prefer favors that are edible. In fact, if you are on a budget you could consider edible favors. Tiny boxes (preferably with matching colors) or cans of different types of chocolates and cookies, candies, mints, and even frozen deserts and dry fruits are all-time favorites. Other popular favors include Fortune cookie favors, miniature wedding cake favors, gourmet favors, drink mix favors and coffee (powder/roasted beans) and tea favors – the choices are basically unlimited. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you could have everything personalized and tattooed make a big difference for sure.

Now let’s check out the popular non-edible varsities. Cardholders and photo frames, costume jewelries and cuff-links. Miniature perfume bottles (cologne for the gentlemen) are common. Again, personalizing them would make them special. Scented soaps, candles (and candle holders) are also popular wedding favors. Didn’t mention coasters and key chains? These are also top-selling favors If you are looking to spend some more money you could think about crystal wine glasses and customized porcelain coffee mugs.

While choosing the wedding favors you need to keep in mind one important factor – that gifts should be appropriate for the individual guests. You either buy favors for the entire family or they should be for both the male and female guests. It’s needless to say that you wouldn’t buy only cuff links or bottles of ladies perfumes for all the guests. You must also consider the children – they can’t be left out obviously.

I have prepared a gender wise list of favors you could consider.

Men – Cuff-links, Lighters, Bottles Openers, Wine-Stoppers, Pack of Cards etc.

Women – Costume Jewelries, Mini Manicure Kits, Fancy Compact Mirror, Scented Soaps, Miniature Perfume bottles, Handkerchiefs and Tissues, Japanese Fans etc.

You could have favors for the men, women and children attending the reception but that would obviously cost you more money. So, often it is best to have generalized wedding favors that are appropriate for everybody. Any edible wedding favor, candles … little personalized mementos would easily fit into this category.

By he way, it’s needless to mention that the gifts presented to the best man and the groomsmen as well as the maid of honor and the rest of the bridesmaids are ordered separately and are not a part of the wedding favors.

If you are having a beach wedding (think of flip-flop travel tags, Anchor Bottle Openers etc.) or a destination wedding, there are exclusive favors for those weddings also. It also hold true for various themed weddings. There are favors to suit every theme and hue. However, if you don’t find one that matches your theme, you could call the supplier and check if they could create one for you. I know that there are wedding favors available for themes like Fairy Tale, Disney, Wild West, Vine Yards Weddings etc. You can go to online stores like and check them all.

Most suppliers would also supply appropriate gift boxes, satin pouches and containers. Sometimes the price would include the cost of the box but if you need to order them separately and if you are ordering reasonably high volume of favors you might ask for a discount on the boxes. Customization services are generally available with the vendors. Today most of the favors have provisions for personalization but if you have something creative in mind you could talk to the supplier.

Before I wind up, I have a couple of more ideas for you. Firstly, how about doing it yourself? Several brides prefer to design the favors themselves and often they are the most loved ones. Most stores keep materials for the DYI favors – you need to use your imagination to assemble and pack them to make your perfect DYI wedding favors. This Pinterest page has some excellent DYI ideas.

If you’re thinking of doing something really different, try this one. I read this somewhere but just don’t remember where (my bad). It suggested that instead of giving away wedding party favors to the guests the couple could spend the money for some charity. They might leave a “thank you” card on the tables with a special note about the charity. A well written paragraph would make every guest believe that he/she is also a part of the good cause and will appreciate the idea.

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