The Order of Wedding Speeches and The Best Man


A wedding often has to go along with a variety of customs and traditions. The speeches that are given during the wedding reception party are easily one of our prominent wedding traditions. Traditionally, the order of wedding speeches has been created to ensure that they could always be in the most natural and meaningful order. But having said that, the order may vary from a wedding to another depending on the customs and practices that are unique to the families or communities.

The Traditional Order for Wedding Speeches and Toasts

As the best man you might wonder just when you are supposed to give your speech. Below I have listed the persons who are commonly supposed to make a wedding speech at a wedding reception party in arguably what is believed to be the most widely followed wedding speech order.

1. The Father of the Bride Speech

The Father of the Bride Speech is normally the first of the several wedding speeches that would be given at the wedding reception. The Father of the Bride is one of the key persons of the bridal party plays a significant role in the wedding. He speaks mostly about his daughter and praising her for everything she has to do with including the guy she is getting married to. He also formally welcomes the guests to the reception. Not sure why the bride’s father often speaks before anybody else though. May be because he is supposed to be the formal host of the event.

By the way, can’t help mentioning the following quotation ;) –

“There comes a time in every wedding reception when the man who paid for the damn thing is allowed to speak a word or two of his own.” – Father of The Bride Speech, Rowan Atkinson

2. The Groom Speech

The groom is the second person to give his speech. Groom speeches are also equally significant. Characteristically, it is probably the most formal of all. The groom would say thanks to everybody for participating. He would also specially mention the contribution of the groomsmen, the bridesmaids as both sets of parents and the other members of the wedding party. But the most appealing part of the groom’s speech is when he speaks about the bride. At the end of his speech he is going to ask the best man to give his speech and say a word or two about him in his introduction.

3. The Best Man Speech

Next, it’s the turn of the best man to give his speech. You must agree that It’s the ideal position in the order of the speakers because you have enough time to let your nerves settle and get ready for the speech. However, if the preceding speakers happen to be too good with their speeches, it might put extra pressure on the best man to perform in a similar fashion. But instead of letting yourself to be bogged down by the pressure, take those as inspiration and just give the speech you prepared for.

Best man speeches tend to be entertaining and for that reason happens to be the most awaited. It’s often okay for the best man to let his speech to be more personal or informal than the others, except may be the maid of honor who is going to give her speech next to the best man.

4. Maid of Honor Speech

In this order of speeches, it’s the maid of honor who is going to give her speech next to the best man. For the bride the maid of honor is just what the best man is for the groom and similarly maid of honor speeches are also anticipated to be funny and entertaining. However, for he same reason as discussed just a moment ago, the maid of honor speeches sometimes end up being not exactly what everybody’s expecting from her or even what she intended to give. So, it’s very vital for the maid of honor not to be impacted negatively by the best man’s wedding speech and by no means try to improvise at the last moment in order to match the best man – she just needs to concentrate on her own speech and everything will be fine.

The maid of honor speech, needless to say, is centered on the bride. She introduces the bride to the audience from a different viewpoint. Her speech should ideally be personal, touching and at the same time amusing as she would definitely share some loving memories of the bride.

5. Mother of The Bride and Others Speakers Who Want to Make Speeches

Apart from the four individuals as mentioned above there could be a few others that would also want or need to give their speeches. The very first name that comes to mind is of course the mother of the bride. The bride’s mother would almost certainly speak in the absence of the bride’s father. However, if she has to speak anyway, she could join her husband or right after him or maybe she might choose to speak last. In some weddings the father of the groom would give his speech. This speech often sounds like a “groom’s father’s” version of a best man speech. And finally the bride – though she doesn’t speak at every wedding but if she does she could be the last speaker of the evening (or day). Her speech is pretty much like her spouse and likewise she would also want to thank everyone who helped the couple make everything possible for them.

Any other person attending the wedding and desire o give a speech should let the MC or the couple know about it well in advance. Sometimes the bride and groom might want somebody from the family or a close acquaintance to make a speech. In that case also they should let the person know about their wish in advance so that he or she could at least prepare for the speech.

It’s not mandatory to follow this order or any other so called ‘traditional’ order of wedding speeches that you come across while you browse the internet. But it is mandatory that you determine the order in which you would want the speakers to give their speeches and, more importantly, let them know about it in advance.

Again, the proper order of the speeches in which they are going to be delivered needs to be decided by the couple and their families when they are planning for the wedding. Hopefully his article is going to help them to come to a decision, and if you are somebody scheduled to give a wedding speech, it is a good idea to know just when you are supposed to give your speech.

Final words of advice – don’t bother too much about the order of the speeches (there are several other important stuffs you would better pay attention to).

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