Wedding Tuxedos for The Groom and The Groomsmen – A Guide


A TuxedoThe tuxedo is a timeless wedding attire. And still, the majority of us tend to be unaware of the subtleties of choosing the most appropriate tuxedo to wear at a wedding. For the majority of men, the chance to put on a tuxedo can be described as the occasion in a man’s life he’ll almost certainly not going to forget because it’s one of those moments when he appears to be at his absolute best. The wedding day has to be one of those exceptional moments and thus a groom wouldn’t want to settle to anything less than a fitting tuxedo. And so won’t his best man and the rest of the groomsmen or ushers. Finding the most appropriate tuxedo is not just about the price you need to pay for it but there’s a lot to it than just the price. It could be real tricky, believe me. In this article I have tried to put together a few important aspects that have influence on the wedding attires for men.

You will find a wide range of designs of tuxedo and also a choice of accessories to take into account. As with any formal suit, a tuxedo comes with a coat or jacket and a trousers. And, as I already mentioned, these are available in a variety of styles to choose from. By the way, when you are looking to buy a tuxedo it is important that you understand the verbiage that are generally related to tuxedos so that you understand what they mean when you are at a store or even reading about tuxedos on a web site.

But before you decide on the tuxedo you would wish to wear, make sure the wedding you are a part of (as a groom or a best man or one of the groomsmen) is actually quite a formal one to have the need for tuxedos. At weddings that aren’t that formal, a darkish suit is probably best suited. Even though by tradition you can wear tuxedos only during the evening, you will find guys wearing them even at daytime weddings that are likely to continue past the evening. If you are having a conventional summer wedding, you might want for an all white dinner jacket donned with zed black tuxedo trousers – that could be one elegant and yet flamboyant look for sure (Warning: There’s a slight risk though – make sure you aren’t wearing the same shades and design as the waiters might).

While choosing the best wedding attire for a male, the most crucial factor to take into account is going to be the person’s physique, since this is going to confirm exactly what sort of tuxedo is going to suit him best. The groom as well as the other men would appear drab if their tuxedos aren’t fitting perfectly. In most cases, a tall and slender guy happens to be the best to fit and is going to look absolutely dashing in almost any variety of tuxedo. However, you’ll find various other designs of tuxedos that are going to make anybody wearing them look smart, irrespective of their physique.

Is renting the tuxedo would be a better idea?

Should you be within a strict budget, you would probably want to rent a tuxedo rather than purchasing one, especially when you won’t probably wear it in the near future. Remember to check if it is fitting and looks perfect on you before you rent it so that you don’t end up renting an attire of the wrong size or style. It’s your big day and you would ant to look at your best. For those who have ample budget to spend or would like to use the tuxedo for various other special events, you might consider buy one for yourself. Make sure of the grade and finishing of the outfit, no mater if you are going for a purchase or just renting it out.


There are a wide variety of styles and shades of tuxedos to choose from. When it comes to the color you can’t go wrong with black. It’s classic and safer by all means. Darker shades of navy blue are also appropriate but I don’t see men wearing them a lot these days. It’s a summer and daytime wedding, it won’t be a bad idea for the groom to go for the elegant white or a lighter shade (light beige, for example). However, if you are having a theme wedding, needless to say, you should choose your attire accordingly.

Tuxedo Jacket Styles

As already mentioned tuxedo jackets are available in a wide range of designs or styles and the ones that are popular are –

Single Breasted Jacket – The single breasted variant is the most basic design for a tux. These jackets are appropriate for almost anybody. They are mostly available in 2 buttons or 3 buttons styles. Should you prefer the 3 buttons version, never button the last one at the bottom and keep always keep the middle one buttoned up and for the one at the top – it’s your choice.

Double Breasted Jacket – Best suited for guys who are slim but want to appear broader. Needless to say this jacket style is not recommended for men of heavy statures. A big drawback of double breasted tuxes is that you must always keep it buttoned. Besides it seems to be out of fashion currently.

Padded Shoulder Jacket – This style is for men who have short and slim statures. It will make your shoulders appear broader and make the outfit look well fitted. Go for it only if you think you really need it.

Lapel Styles


Notch Lapel


Peak Lapel


Shawl Lapel


Mandarin Style


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