The Wedding Vows That Would Make The Moment Unforgettable


Exchanging Vows

There are various sorts of wedding vows that are exchanged at wedding ceremonies. Vows that are recited during wedding ceremonies by the couple could be traditional or unconventional, poetic or simple, sincere or funny and a lot of other variations too. For those of you who are searching online for wedding vows, you could either be looking for ideas for writing your own or simply find one that you could use at your wedding. The good news is you could find numerous wedding vows on the internet and some of them, believe me, are so good that you’ll be tempted to use them at your wedding. There are traditional wedding vows as well as modern ones. You could even choose to have customized vows exclusively written for your wedding.

You must decide on what sort of vow you intend to go for. Traditional wedding vows could be a classic choice. Some of you might find them a bit boring but they have their own charm … just like melodious songs from the past – timeless, elegant and classic. You can’t go wrong with a traditional wedding vow. The guests are surely are going to take pleasure in the ageless tradition And some of the couples attending the wedding would enjoy this wonderful moment more than the others as they might well be remembering how they exchanged the exact same vows with their spouses at their weddings years ago.

vow However it cannot be denied that a few modern couple that are getting married might just find the traditional wedding vows outdated. The words and phrases are probably a bit too formal, complying and very serious. Preferring to use humorous wedding vows could enliven the atmosphere whilst still being able to express your integrity and honest intentions. Imagine how excitingly well it would be to exchange the vows looking at each other and smiling. Needless to say that the guests attending the wedding ceremony are going to enjoy the moment the same way you would.

In case you are planning to go for modern, customized wedding vows, you might wonder how to come up with one that’s going to match your likings and impress everybody at the same time. It could turn out to be quite challenging to find the words and phrases, however there are a few directions that could assist you in writing one for yourselves.

Step 1: Make a detailed list of reasons why your bride/groom is so special to you and why you love her/him so much

Step 2: Do you think there’s a lot of funny things about the relationship the two of you share? Do you find your partner witty/funny/having a great sense of humor? Make a list of them as well.

Step 3: Jot down all those bizarre things that you know about your would-be-husband/wife and also why you’re fond of them.

Step 4: Think of three (or any number of) things you are willing to offer to your bride-to-be/groom-to-be for now and forever.

Step 4: Once you’re done with the above steps you would have enough ideas to put them together as sentences and transform the entire composition to a wonderful wedding vow. You might need to edit it several times before you are happy with it.

Here’s a tip for you: Even if you want to write and use a unique vow at your wedding, you might want to have a look at the traditional vows as well as the modern vows that are written or used by other couples. The basic idea is simply to get the notion about how they have been able to  transformed their imaginations into those remarkable wedding vows. And it won’t be anything unethical to steal an excellent phrase or two or maybe a line that you come across while browsing through those vows and make use of them in yours.

Finally, when it comes to writing your own customized wedding vows, there are a few pitfalls you need to be careful of.

  • Like the wedding speeches, you’d also need to start writing your vows at least a few weeks prior to the wedding day. Similarly it should be short and sweet and must be rehearsed time and again.
  • Check with the marriage officiants if it is alright to recite customized vows especially if it’s a church wedding.
  • Make sure your wedding vows isn’t too abstruse or awkward. Neither it should be too personal.

If you wish you could learn more about wedding vows here and find some good sample vows here.

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